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About Me and My Approach to Practice

I am a Black, Queer (they/them) therapist committed to providing quality, culturally attuned, and holistic care for Black Womxn and Queer, Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Diverse (TGD) BIPOC individuals, families, and communities. It can be a big risk to take the first step toward deepening our relationship with ourselves. I honor that risk, the courage it takes, and the decision to embrace one's vulnerability. I honor this act with a deep knowing that moving into unknown territory and learning how to befriend ourselves is profound. It is radical. It is our birthright. Together we will work to cultivate a safe environment that will allow space for you to deepen your connection to inner wisdom, develop skills and practices to support holistic wellness, and continuously expand your capacity for personal growth, self-discovery, and healing. I will be glad to connect for a consultation to see if I can be of support on your path.
May Healing Abound.

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